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Three Generations Of Security In Auto, Property, Life & Home Insurance Coverage

    The relationships To Find The Insurance Coverages You Need

    For more than 55 years, Tatum Insurance Agency has been helping individuals, families, and businesses find the insurance coverages they need at prices they can afford. We're extremely pleased to have the opportunity to offer insurance partnerships in North Florida and Georgia.

    From homeowners insurance, to personal auto coverage, commercial insurance, and life insurance, we have the experience and the expertise to help you find the most suitable insurance policies at the most affordable prices for your circumstances and needs.

    The key to our ability to deliver comprehensive coverages at the lowest possible pricing lies in our longstanding relationships with multiple insurance companies. Those relationships empower us to choose from an extensive variety of coverages at a range of price points on behalf of every client, every time. In other words, if you don't have time to shop around for insurance coverages, we have the resources and relationships to do it for you.

    Our Services

    Car Insurance

    Whether you need coverage for a car, motorcycle, or an RV, our vehicle insurance policies will protect your finances if misfortune strikes. We’ll spend the necessary time to find you individualized auto coverage. If you need multiple coverages for your family, we’ll get everyone in your clan protected. And we’ll get those coverages at the most competitive prices possible.

    Home Insurance

    Your home may be the most critical investment you’ll ever make for your family’s wellbeing. Emotionally, nothing compares to the sense of security owning a home delivers. Tatum will help you attain the peace of mind of knowing your investments are protected. If you’re looking for a competitive, customer-focused home insurance agency, call us today.

    Life & Health Insurance

    Good health isn’t just priceless, it’s also, unfortunately, fragile. Good health today is reason to celebrate, but it’s no guarantee of good health tomorrow. Although it’s no fun to consider, there’s always a chance an accident could steals your good health, or worse, end your life! The same goes for an unexpected illness. You need Tatum Life & Health!

    Farm & Ranch Insurance

    Farm and ranch operations face unique risks, and although standard business or home insurance might provide some coverages, they generally fall woefully short in terms of proper coverages for these businesses. Not to worry. At Tatum Insurance, we operate a separate Farm & Ranch Insurance Agency to make certain you get the coverages you need to properly protect your business.

    Commercial Insurance

    You’ve invested countless hours of hard work, and no trivial amount of cash into your dream of business ownership. Business owners like you face many significant challenges every day-some tougher than others-and carrying proper commercial insurance coverage is vital to your continuing success. Tatum offers a broad variety of commercial insurance products to help you exceed your goals.

    Workers Comp Insurance

    The investment you’ve made and continue to make in your business includes the resources you invest in your employees every day. It’s critical to make workers compensation insurance part of that outlay. Why? Because if an on-the-job accident happens to one of your workers without proper coverage, guess who’s obligated to pay the bills? That’s right: You-all of them.

    Aliera Catastrophic Coverage

    Looking for Catastrophic coverage? Check out CarePlus Advantage from Aliera Healthcare. This will give you access to Hospitalization, Surgical, and Emergency Room Services for a low monthly cost. Click Here for more information.

    Aliera Healthcare

    Looking for minimal affordable Health Coverage? Check our PrimaCare from Aliera Healthcare. This will give you access to Primary Care Physicians using a PPO Network for as little as $99 per month. Click Here for more information.

    Our Locations

    Tatum Agency: Local Insurance Agents In Florida and Georgia

    At Tatum, we’re committed to providing every client with individualized coverages at the lowest possible rates. We work hard to guide our clients in making well-informed decisions regarding insurance, drawing from our years of experience in the industry.
    And we are thrilled to be part of the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency community.

    Why Choose The Independent Insurance Agents At Tatum?

    Relationships. At Tatum Insurance Agency, this is the best reason we can think of for doing business with us. We’ve been delivering insurance solutions since 1962 in Georgia, and specialize in insurance solutions for North Florida, including Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island, Nassau County) and Jasper (Hamilton County). That’s three generations of security in coverage. In all that time, we’ve long since come to realize that our success in the insurance business is about relationships—relationships with our communities, with our carriers and, most importantly, with our policyholders.

    Individuals, families and business alike have come to trust us to put their best interests ahead of profit considerations. We take their trust—your trust—with a deep sense of humility and a single-minded dedication to doing what’s right for every client in every situation.

    Florida House with Palms Trees and Landscaping

    Tatum Agency: Insurance Partnerships In North Florida and Georgia

    At Tatum Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers. Whether you need quotes, claims assistance, coverage expansion, or some other insurance-related need, we're here for you. Call Tatum Insurance today at 229-244-0222 and let's get started on getting your family or business properly covered in the great state of Florida!

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    If you file a claim, we'll be there to help every possible way, advocating on your behalf to ensure fair prompt payment and service.

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    We're here Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm, to service your account, answer your questions, provide quotes, or to address any other insurance-related need.
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    We do the shopping around on your behalf, saving you time and money. We compare quotes on multiple insurance lines across multiple carriers.

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